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Clinical anesthesia practice continues to be a challenge despite the advancement in medicine today. In 1994, the Asian Society of Cardiothoracic Anesthesia (ASCA) was founded by Professor Osamu Kemmotsu having in mind that much of the challenges emerge from patients afflicted with cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases.

Indeed, the top ranking causes of morbidity and mortality amongst our patients have these problems, either as their primary concerns, as in CAD, Valvular Heart Disease, Congenital Heart anomalies or as a secondary pathology due to diabetes, hypertension, cancer, stressful lifestyles coupled with smoking and alcoholism.

The issues on health even become more problematic with the persisting poverty, non-availability of drugs, equipment and other infrastructure.

It is the advocacy of ASCA, that through its biennial meetings, we are able to reach out to our colleagues and enjoin them to continue this sharing of expertise and logistics, in our sincere attempt to face these challenges with courage and practicality.

Fellow doctors, do not miss the ASCA 2013! Prof Hwang Nian Chih and his organizing committee have prepared a relevant scientific program which we can all find useful. Let also this be an opportunity to meet new friends and renew fellowships with our old comrades.

I would also encourage those of you who have recently organized themselves as national anesthesia societies, to come and register with ASCA, not as individuals, but as a group, so we can better strategize our action plans to improve ASCA and our clinical practice, too.

See you soon in Singapore!

Florian R Nuevo MD
ASCA President

Chronology of Biennial ASCA Meetings

No Year Venue Org Com Chairman ASCA President Term of Office
1st 1995 Singapore
As a Pre-ACA congress
Lee Tat Leang O Kemmotsu Founding President1995 to 2003
2st 1997 Chiang Mai ,Thailand
As a Pre-ACA congress
  O Kemmotsu
3st 1999 KL, Malaysia
As a Pre-ACA congress
Hassan Arrif O Kemmotsu
4st 2001 Cebu, Philippines
As a Pre-ACA congress
Florian R Nuevo O Kemmotsu
5st 2003 Seoul, Korea
(as independent meeting)
Yong Woo Hong YW Hong 2003 - 2005
6st 2005 Bali, Indonesia Erwin Siregar YW Hong 2005 - 2007
7st 2007 New Delhi, India Yatin Mehta E Siregar
M Nomura
2007 (fell ill)
elected to take over
8st 2009 Tokyo, Japan Minoru Nomura M Nomura 2007 ? 2009
9st 2011 Taipei, Taiwan Rick Wu M Nomura 2009 - 2011
10st 2013 Singapore Hwang Nian Chih F Nuevo 2011 ? 2013
11st 2015 Open for bidding    
12st 2017    
13st 2019    
14st 2021    
15st 2023    

Brief History

Professor Osamu Kemmotsu conceived the idea of organizing the Asian Society of Cardiothoracic Anesthesia in 1994. He invited a group of colleagues from various countries in Asia to start this organization. This organization initially aimed at inviting individuals engaged in cardiothoracic and vascular anesthesia practice to share their expertise through lectures, workshops and free paper presentations. At the same time, Prof Kemmotsu called on his personal colleagues from USA, and Europe to come and participate.

The ASCA meetings from 1995 to 2001 were held as a gpre-Congress eventh to the ASEAN Congress of Anaesthesiologists, which is a biennial meeting of anesthesiologists in the south east Asian region. ASCA was able to attract participants as a pre-ACA congress event, even if it ran parallel sessions with the OB and pediatric anesthesia conferences.

So in 2003, through the enthusiastic leadership of YW Hong, the first independent ASCA meeting was held in Seoul Korea. Since then, ASCA has convened independently from ASEAN meeting. Nevertheless, ASCA maintained its presence in ACA congresses by having some satellite symposia in conjunction with ACA organizers.

Apart from lectures, panel discussions and debates, ASCA meetings also developed several workshops in cooperation with perfusion and cardiology. The Basic and Advanced TEE workshops started in 2009 ASCA Tokyo, Japan and 2011 ASCA Taipei,Taiwan.

Apart from providing education to cardiac anesthesiologists, ASCA also hosted a pre-ACA Basic TEE workshop during the 2011 ASEAN Congress of Anaesthesiologists held in Manila. In Singapore this October 2013, we look forward to more dynamic education activities of ASCA under the vibrant leadership of Prof Hwang Nian Chih.